Set of 4 Indoor Plants - Home or Office

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  • IFD EASY CARE GUIDE INCLUDED! - Perfect for First TIme Plant Owners!
  • ECO FRIENDLY - These plants are therapeutic and a boon to your office or home environment. They release oxygen and remove toxins for the air we breathe. The boxes come from recycled cardboard. To help reduce waste, please recycle your box.
  • 4 PLANT TYPES - This collection of indoor plants comes with 4 different plants: Red Aglaonema, Snake Plant, Philodendron, and Peace Lily. 3 of these were proven by NASA to reduce indoor air toxins, and each comes in it’s own 4 inch pot.
  • CLEANS THE AIR - These plants take in carbon dioxide and indoor air toxins, and release oxygen. They don’t need any electricity and require very little care. Just keep them watered and you’ll get crisp, clean air in return.
  • 4 - Tropical Plants in 4" Growers Pots - Overall Height 12" - 14" inches Tall, 4" - 5" wide. 
  • Guaranteed Fresh by Interior Foliage