Our Story

Our Story

 If you walked the streets of midtown Manhattan in the late 1970s, you might have seen our founder, Stuart Schechter, selling fresh plants off the back of his old GMC pickup.

 When some regulars asked him to take care of their newly purchased plants, the idea for Interior Foliage was born.

Since then, IFD has grown from a 70's street hustle to a full scale design company, specializing in curating natural environments for permanent and temporary spaces. 

Our “One Stop Shop” Philosophy:

One dedicated vendor. 35 Years of Experience. Skip the headaches with our guaranteed service. 

Commitment to Sustainability

IFD is been a pioneer in sustainable landscaping practices.
Restructuring plastics for drainage on terraces, locally sourced orchids,
and committing to a zero pesticide policy for indoor and outdoor plant material.
As of 2017, we are the only green design firm in NYC to commit to this policy!

Our fierce environmental standards ensure that your installation of greenery is, quite literally, a breath of fresh air.

Meet the Family:
Stuart Schechter
Philip Schechter
Roy Owsley
Jay Ram
Julie Schechter
Ian Schechter
Matthew Schechter