Our Story


Our Story



Our “One Stop Shop” Philosophy:

One dedicated vendor. 39 Years of Experience. Guaranteed service. 
Specializing in:
  • Boxwood and ivy green wall hedges
  • Succulent & Cacti Décor
  • Live Tropical plants and Trees (Orange, Lemon, Palm and More!)
  • Evergreen bushes and trees (Oak, Plum, Cherry and Olive Trees)
  • Weekly floral arrangements (Contemporary and Traditional, Corporate or Residential)
  • Cement, Metal and Wood Planters (Custom made for outdoor and indoor planters)
  • Live Plant Walls

Commitment to Sustainability

IFD is a pioneer in sustainable landscaping practices.
Restructuring plastics for drainage on terraces, locally sourced orchids,
and committing to a zero pesticide policy for indoor and outdoor plant material.

As of 2019, we are the only green design firm in NYC to commit to this policy!

Our fierce environmental standards guarantee piece of mind.  

Meet the Family:
Stuart Schechter 
Philip Schechter
Roy Owsley
Jay Ram
Julie Schechter
Ian Schechter
Matthew Schechter