New York's Trusted Plant Source for Corporate & Retail

How are plants used in a corporate or retail environment?
Plants are used to elevate and soften the space. For retail, plants can be used as an extension of a theme, or to bolster a look in the showroom and floor.

What can I rent?
Whatever is needed to add an accent, or totally transform the space. This includes flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, grasses, boulders, living walls, hedges and more.

How long is a plant rental?
Our short-term rental pricing is a flat rate up to 3 days. Longer term rentals are priced out on a case by case basis.

Why is Interior Foliage the best?
1. 38 years of experience gives us the expertise you need.
2. Guaranteed, largest selection of flowers, plants and trees.
3. Family business backed by fair wage policy for employees.

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