Commitment to Sustainability

IFD has been a pioneer in sustainable landscaping practices.

Environment Achievements 2018
  • 100% recycled material for paver installs.
  • Restructuring plastics for drainage on terraces
  • Locally Sourced Orchids from Tri-State Area Greenhouses
  • 100% Pesticide Free for all Indoor and Outdoor plant maintenance. Our treatments consist of 100% organic material
  • All plants that come back from offices are donated to the local community, or sold for steep discount to local charitable groups

Fair Wage Policy

For over 30 years, Interior Foliage Design has committed to providing a liv to our employees.

While our labor costs might be slightly higher, it guarantees the following:

  • Your products and installs are done the right way.
  • Because our guys have been with us for 20+ years, you are getting the most experienced hands in the game.
  • Our knowledge base guarantees the most professional installations possible
Thanks to over 35 years of passionate care for our employees, we’ve been able to sustain over 50 families in the tri-state area.

Interior Foliage Design