Full Interior Design Services

What is Plant Maintenance?

  1. We put plants in your commercial space.
  2. We provide service on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.
  3. Your atmosphere is healthy and productive!

What is the Process?

  1. You give us a call or e-mail or fill out the contact form below. You
    give us the information regarding your space along with any pictures
    you can send over to us.
  2. We give you an estimate of what our maintenance would cost and then follow-up with an on-site visit.
  3. We sign a contract and any plants that die under our care are replaced for free!
  4. You don't have to ever touch the plants. You automatically earn the credit for having a green thumb!

Can you talk a little more about who visits?

Our technicians have been in the
business for over 25 years. All employees have been trained, licensed
and bonded for interior and exterior plant care.

We have a small budget. Can you work with me?

Yes! Plant care packages start as low as $115.00 a month!