Premium Affairs call for Premium Hedges 

Set the bar high with our incredible new hedge walls, now available for rental.
Our premium rental boxwood hedges are the highest quality available on the East Coast.


Constructed in house with UV rated, premium faux boxwood material, imported direct from the manufacturer.

You pay for the quality, leave the rest to us.

Where do you use boxwood hedges? 

The most popular reasons to use boxwood hedges:

  • Blocking Construction at Site
  • Hide Generators
  • 'Maze' effect for experiential events
  • Step and Repeat (Photo Op)
  • Lining a tent with greenery
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Outdoor VIP areas 

Our Premium Boxwood Rental Rates for 2018:


         Size with Black Planter         Rental Price (1 - 3 days) (USD)
  • 3' W x 4' H x 12" D                        245.00
  • 3' W x 6' H x 12" D                        395.00
  • 4' W x 8' H x 16"D                         645.00
  • 4' W x 10' H x 16"D                       745.00
  • 6' W x 8' H x 16"D                         895.00
  • 6' W x 10' H x 16"D                       995.00

Pricing excludes NYS sales tax and labor charges, which depend on venue and time of load in / load out

Purchasing Our Premium, UV Rated Boxwood Hedges

For residential, corporate and commercial accounts, our boxwood hedge material is the best in the United States, guaranteed.

UV-rated for limited outdoor protection and frequently paired with all types of high grade wood and stone.

Contact us today to move forward with your dream design. See you on the terrace!