Plant Maintenance 101: A Beginner's Guide for Office, Retail and Home

by Matthew Schechter on July 17, 2017

Having plants can make any space healthy and productive. But if you lack a green thumb, a plant maintenance program can be the solution. This guide will tell you what to expect when you're choosing the right plant maintenance company. 

ZZ Plant Maintenance NYC Manhattan NJ CT

(ZZ Plants in tapered rectangle planters. Windowsill plants soften the white ledge space)

1. What is Plant Maintenance / Plant Care? 

The idea behind plant maintenance is an easy one. People who want amazing greenery in their office or home, but don't know or don't have time to take care of their plants, can hire a trusted company to take care of the plants for them. 

But seriously, isn't it just watering plants?

That's an important part, but not the whole thing. Veteran technicians actually do a lot more, at least they do if you're getting the right company to do it!

A Standard Plant Maintenance Package Should Include:

  • Maintaining healthy soil moisture levels
  • Cleaning each individual leaf from dust and bacteria
  • Adding fertilizer when necessary
  • Pruning stems and leaves as needed
  • Guaranteed free replacements if they deteriorate under the company's care

I'm pretty decent with plants. Can't I do this myself?

Absolutely. If you feel confident that you can maintain your plants with a weekly check-up, it's not a bad idea. The only problem is when people forget. It's not the end of the world, but forgetting to care about your plants can lead to health problems. We're biased, but it's our professional opinion: having a dedicated plant company makes your life easier!

Orchid Plant Arrangement Service NYC

(Plant Maintenance includes orchids, like this gorgeous arrangement here.)

2. Choosing the right plants for your space

It's fine to want plants for your space, but it's another thing to know which plants will thrive in it. You have two options. You can do the research, or you can ask someone

A trusted plant company should know two things:

  1. What plants will live in the space (High, Medium and Low Light)
  2. The correct vibe for the space ("complimenting the visual narrative")


Plants that will live in the space

Some plants love tons of sunlight in a really dry area. Some plants need to stay away from direct sun. For plant maintenance experts, it's all about replicating the natural environment these plants evolved to survive in. 


(Typical Jungle Environment, as it relates to light exposure. As you can see, these plants evolved to receive different levels of sunlight. It's the job of a plant professional to replicate what would otherwise be their natural environment. Another way to replicate their environment? Misting and wiping down the leaves, and supporting the soil with the correct nutrients.) 

The Correct Vibe for Your Space


With each plant comes personality. That can be tranquil, traditional or modern. It all depends on the space you have, and what you want the space to be. With the right plant, you can set the right tone for the space.



(Above: Ficus Lyrata, 7' - 8'. The Ficus lyrata offers stylized decor for a tall loft space. It's relaxed yet stylized look makes it perfect for living room or lounge areas. A best seller.)

Tabletop Yucca Cane Plant Delivery NYC Manhattan Brooklyn Queens NJ CT

(Above: Tabletop Yucca. This high end, Mediterranean retail location needed a striking centerpiece accent that wasn't flowers. The green, sharp leaves of the yucca was the perfect compliment to the assortment of colorful accessories.)   

 Willis Tower Plant Maintenance Office Plant Care NYC

 (Above: Janet Craig 'Compacta' plants in a rectangle fiberglass planter. This company needed a visually contemporary solution to divide a reception space from the rest of the office. We used 'Compacta' plants because they work great in artificial light environments. From a visual perspective, it's a natural fit for the space. Complimenting the environment without drawing attention. A perfect balance for a clearly modern space.

3. Figuring Out the Correct Budget for Your Space

This can be the trickiest part. As a plant professionals, I know what plants and maintenance should cost. But if comes to IT, consider me lost. So we understand where people are coming from. The money you spend should have a direct correlation with the value you receive. But there are other factors too!

Price Considerations:

  • Ease of Entry 
  • Distance from Metro Area
  • Number of Plants
  • Type of Plants

Ease of Entry

Some buildings are tougher to get into than others. Some have a tough time allowing vendors in the building. 99% percent of the time, there's rarely a problem. But the time spent waiting to go up a building is time taken away from maintenance. Unfortunately, people have to charge a little more for tougher buildings. Most of the time, however, the increase is extremely reasonable, considering the time spent. 

Distance from Metro Area

Doesn't matter where your space is. If it's closer to the center of commerce, chances are there are other accounts right around the corner. If there's a group of accounts in one area, a plant vendor should offer a reasonable rate for maintenance. If the office is in the middle of nowhere, expect a reasonable cover for fuel costs. 

Number of Plants

The number of plants is one of the biggest factors. The bigger the number, the more the maintenance will be. That said, if some plants are tabletop pieces, you should expect to pay less than if they were all large floor plants. 

Succulents in Square Planters Delivery NYC

(Above: Succulents in Square Vases. Maintenance costs are lower with tabletop plants, compared to their larger brothers and sisters.)

Type of Plants

Finally, the type of plants. Some plants are more delicate than others. With the right care, all plants should live for years and years. But, sometimes the heating or cooling of the building will mess with their health. The heartier plants will be OK, but some will need an extra bit of care. That extra bit will result in higher costs, only because more time is needed. 

Snake Plant Tabletop Delivery NYC

(Above: Sansevieria Trifasciata, aka St. John's Sword, aka Snake Plant. This plant is one of the heartiest indoor plants in the world. The maintenance for this plant would help keep costs down.)

What You Should Expect to Pay

Now that we've established all the known variables, it's time to figure out the pricing. Every project is different, but ballpark pricing is available for the average office. 

Weekly Maintenance Agreements - Billed Monthly

1 - 5 Plants: 150 - 295/month

5 - 10 Plants: 195.00 - 395/month

10 - 15 Plants: 295.00 - 450/month

15 - 25 Plants: 350.00 - 595.00/month

25 - 40 Plants: 395.00 - 895.00/month

To Recap: Finding someone to get you plants and take care of them shouldn't be a hassle. Wherever you get them, the company should be 100% transparent about all costs, know the vibe you are going for, and have an honest, realistic cost for the services rendered. If you want to learn more, check out our Plant Maintenance page or leave us a question in the comments. Best of luck on your greenery search!  

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by Jessica on August 28, 2022

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’m starting a business and I know all of the components, but I’ve been stuck about pricing. Having a range to look at is so helpful ; @ Mwah

by errowlWom on May 26, 2021

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by Kathy Tapia on June 30, 2019

I have a client that wants me to take care of her 5 gallon pots til she comes into town, this doesn’t happen very often. How much should I charge for a months care. I will fertilize them too. I am watering every 2 days.

thank you


by Paul Otero on June 09, 2018

Good evening: To whom it may concern, I was wondering what if the client has…lets say 5 small plants, what would I charge the client monthly vs. perhaps same size container, but the plant is tall. Thank You!!!