COVID 2020 Policy

by Atom Yard Collaborator on May 07, 2020

Together, we are facing truly challenging and unprecedented times. The novel coronavirus pandemic is affecting our families, businesses, employees, and economic security. The now all too familiar expression, “we’re all in this together,” deeply resonates for us.

As designated “essential workers” (Agriculture & Markets Law Article 25-AA, Section 301), the IFD family remains on-the-job, working hard to ensure that the living plants in the offices and businesses we service throughout the city and tristate will survive the weeks and months of this shutdown, even as offices remain shuttered and employees remain on “pause.”

As we slowly start to come back online, we are committed to the highest security and health standards in the tri-state area. 

Our Process Includes:

- All Employees are given FULL PPE GEAR. 

- We use new masks and gloves for each job. 

- We follow all specific building protocols. 

- We provide floor protection for hallways and sensitive areas. 

 We work with each client to make sure they feel comfortable, safe and secure with every installation. Call us directly at 718-784-4527 to learn more. 

Warmest Regards,

The Interior Foliage Design Family