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Interior Foliage provides design-build firm that offers luxury landscape design services for NYC. With a team of over 30 experienced employees, Interior Foliage Design is the green landscape designer of choice for New York residential and commercial properties. We are unequivocally the best landscape design company in New York, and have established a high standard for landscape design and greenscapes throughout the tri-state area. We also provide upkeep for the spaces we create, with a comprehensive landscape maintenance service for NYC.

From garden design in Manhattan, to brownstone gardens in Brooklyn, we cover the gamut of luxury green landscape design. We specialize in creating deluxe outdoor spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and wholly functional.

These include:

  • Rooftop Gardens
    As your rooftop garden designer, Greenstone will add valuable square footage to your property with a beautiful green outdoor space that serves as a much-needed haven in the highly dense urban environment of NYC. We create green roofs for individual residential homes, large commercial buildings and also design and implement green rooftops as commissioned by developers of apartment buildings who desire an ornate green common area.
  • Terraces and Patios
    The lush, modern terraces and patios created by Greening Stone epitomize urban outdoor living at its finest. We provide luxury terrace gardens design in NYC that serve as an ornate gathering place for colleagues, family or friends
  • Brownstones and Townhouses
    We upgrade the façade of classic brownstones and townhouses to feature beautiful and modern gardens that say, “Welcome home”, and transform the basic backyard into a relaxing retreat where homeowners can escape the fast-paced New York City life.
  • Courtyards
    As a courtyard designer in NYC, Greening Stone designs and builds inner, front, and back courtyards for apartments and commercial buildings that bring a taste of the outdoors into your complex.
  • Garbage and Grill Enclosures
    We create architecturally unique garbage enclosures that inspire visual interest while retaining functionality of the receptacle.
    We also create grill enclosures and barbecue islands that not only protect your precious appliance from the temperate NYC climate, but also serve as an interesting architectural feature of your outdoor space.
  • Pavers and Decking
    We install pavers and decking that are not only functional as rooftop and garden flooring, but also beautiful design features themselves. Given your personal design preference and the dimensions of the space, we can deliver an elegant design solution that satisfies its purpose as long-wearing flooring while adding visual value to your space.


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